Sierra Nevada Conservancy Awards SYRCL a Grant for Restoration Work in Loney Meadows

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Loney Meadows and Texas Creek is headwaters to the South Yuba River


Located high in the South Yuba River watershed, Loney Meadows is a natural reservoir of groundwater storage that provides important habitat for wildlife, and unique recreational and aesthetic value.  As with most meadows of the Sierra Nevada region, however, Loney Meadows is degraded by past human land use activities.  SYRCL has partnered with Tahoe National Forest to plan restoration activities for Loney Meadows, and in 2010, more than twenty volunteers removed small conifers from the edge of the meadow to promote regeneration of rare Sierra Aspen trees.

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) awarded SYRCL a $49,000 grant to conduct additional work to promote aspen regeneration in Loney Meadows, improve interpretational trail and signs, and provide outreach to the public on the importance of mountain meadow ecosystems and restoration projects. SYRCL volunteers will contribute labor to this project. Tahoe National Forest staff will provide oversight, expertise and educational material.

See more information about SYRCL’s Restoration Program and join us next year as a volunteer!

SYRCL Restoration Volunteers with Sierra Aspen Trees
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