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On Wednesday, February 21—the next California Water Commission (CWC) meeting—join SYRCL, Foothills Water Network, and the Sierra Club in Sacramento at our very own Bear River Recreation Rally.

Our local water district is pursuing tax payer money to pay for Centennial Dam. Help us send a message to the CWC that the Bear River is treasured by the community as it exists today. We do not need to waste millions of California tax dollars to create poor-quality habitat and expensive recreation facilities.

The Bear River and Campground already provide accessible and affordable river recreation for people to hike, kayak, fish, and swim. The public benefits NID claims it would create would be at the expense of oak woodlands, natural wetland habitat, an important trout fishery and the last publicly accessible 6 miles of river on the Bear.

SYRCL’s Stop Centennial Dam Campaign collected more than 3,000 signatures opposing NID’s application for California Proposition 1 funding. Nearly 2,500 signatures arrived during the Wild and Scenic Film Festival weekend. On January 30, SYRCL submitted these letters to the CWC,  and now we are mobilizing community members to show up and share their love for the Bear in Sacramento. RSVP for our celebratory Bear River Recreation Rally in Sacramento and join us for a poster making party on February 13, too!

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Save the Bear River

Bear River Photo Album (Photos by: Gary Moon)

Wild & Scenic Film Festival Groundswell

Each person who signed the petition represents the groundswell that is rapidly converging to oppose Centennial Dam, and importantly, the proponent’s application to use taxpayer dollars for their irresponsible and unnecessary project. When we say Wild & Scenic is “where activism gets inspired” we really mean it, and we’re delighted that this year’s festival was such a clear demonstration of advocacy in action.

Thank you for making sure California officials hear this message:  Centennial Dam — a project that would destroy cultural heritage sites, swimming and fishing holes, 2,200 acres of river canyon forests, and riparian and wetland ecosystems — does not benefit the public.

Join our Dam Watchdog Email List, to stay involved and learn more as the Stop Centennial Dam Campaign progresses: https://yubariver.org/become-a-dam-watchdog/.

Share with Your People

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