RiversLab is Back!


Do you consider yourself a River Geek? Come join the rest of us!!

RiversLab – the book club for river geeks – is BACK!

SYRCL is bringing back a paper/report reading and discussion group so that we can, as a community of river lovers, learn more about the systems we work in and have a chance to ask questions, discuss, and enjoy the company of other like-minded River Geeks!

Here’s how it works:RiversLabCollage_Lrg

  1. Read the assigned  papers (1-2 per month).
  2. Meet from 12-1:00 pm on the last Friday of every month in the conference room at the SYRCL office (brown bag lunch).
  3. Be on time, or even 5-minutes early!
  4. Three people will take on roles each month to help stimulate the discussion:
    1. Article Reviewer: provides a 5-minute article review at the beginning of the discussion summarizing the main points (1 person per paper).
    2. Discussion Lead: leads the discussion of the paper making sure we stay on track and cover the main points – prepare at least 5 questions (2 people per paper).

Each month, we have a new theme and the papers will reflect that theme. Bring questions, comments, concerns, and ideas!

The papers we read can be found in the group’s Dropbox folder (hint: RiversLab/Papers/2016).


If you have any questions or would like to join the email list,
please contact Cordi Craig 
at: cordi@syrcl.org or 530.265.5961 ext. 216.

We look forward to some fun and engaging discussions! See you there!

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