RiversLab: a book club for river geeks

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You are cordially invited to join RiversLab: a group of people who are interested in how rivers work- both from an ecological and management perspective- and come together to ask questions and discuss scientific papers and published reports on river policy, river ecology, and river management.

It’s kind of like a book club for river geeks.

South Yuba River

Here is how it works:

  1. We will meet from 12-1 the last Wednesday of every month in SYRCLs conference room (brown bag lunch).
  2. Everyone reads the papers (2 papers per month).
  3. Be on time, show up 5 minutes early even!
  4. Each paper gets 30 minutes for discussion.
  5. 6 people will take on roles each month to help stimulate the discussion:
    1. Article Reviewer: This person will provide a 5 min article review at the beginning of the discussion summarizing the main points  (1 person per paper).
    2. Discussion Lead:  This person will lead the discussion of the paper making sure it stays on track and covers the main points – prepare at least 5 questions (1 person per paper).
    3. The Scribe: This person will take 5 minutes at the end to summarizes the discussion, noting key points, clarifications, and disagreements and sends notes out to group via dropbox (1 person per paper).

Our first meeting will be Feb 25th from 12-1pm in the SYRCL conference room (313 Railroad Ave, Nevada City). The topic will be Water Policy. 

If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail Svetlana Vasilchenko, Restoration Coordinator, svetlana@syrcl.org to get access to our shared Dropbox folder or have the papers emailed to you!

Share with Your People

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