River Monitors Test the Safety of the Yuba River

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Volunteer River Monitors carefully sample for bacterial analysis

SYRCL is collaborating with the State Water Resource Control Board to test for bacteria contamination as part of a “Safe-to-Swim Study.”  The study focuses on sampling along the Yuba River during the summer to evaluate whether there are any bacterial risks at favorite swimming holes.  SYRCL has selected nine priority sites throughout the Middle and South forks of the Yuba, ranging from the headwaters area near Donner Summit to Bridgeport crossing.  Volunteer River Monitors collect standard water quality parameters along with a special sample sent to state laboratories for analysis of total coliform and E-coli bacteria.  So far, results from June and July show bacteria levels below thresholds of concern.  Testing and evaluating will continue past Labor Day weekend and if any concerns are found SYRCL will followup with authorities immediately.

SYRCL’s River Monitoring Program continues to test water quality conditions monthly at more than 32 sites.  For more information see River Monitoring.  Thank you river monitors for keeping your skillful and vigilant eyes on the condition of the Yuba River!

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