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The number of visitors heading to the Yuba has increased dramatically in recent years. This increase has come with a variety of impacts. SYRCL launched a Visitor Impacts Survey to learn more from you, the people who live in the places being impacted. The results will be used to inform future initiatives, information campaigns, and safety messaging.

SYRCL will analyze and present the data collected to the South Yuba River Public Safety Cohort, which is a group composed of County Supervisors and staff, local and regional fire protection districts, law enforcement, state and federal agencies, local NGOs, and community representatives. The Yuba River Safety Cohort has been collaborating for five years in an effort to address public safety issues within the South Yuba River canyon such as access, fire prevention, stewardship, and responsible use.

SYRCL will also make the results of the survey available to the public via its website.

We encourage you to fill out the survey and to share it with others. The more feedback we receive, the more we can understand about this important issue.

Fill Out the Survey

Share with Your People

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