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Here in Nevada County, life is inextricably tied to the Yuba River. Some of us seek solace and rejuvenation while others of us seek adventure or escape. Some of us pay homage to the river and the life it brings to the watershed on our walks along its beautiful banks.

As more and more people head to the river each summer, the crowds have kept many people away, including those of us who moved here to be closer to the river.  With the warm weather this winter has brought, many of us here at SYRCL have found time to slip away and get back to the river we love without the crowds.  We encourage you to do the same and take some time this winter to reconnect with the river you love. To help inspire people to take that trip, we are sharing some of the submissions we received from our Dear Yuba River project last February. The submissions we received from Yuba River lovers really caused us to reflect. We hope you will find them to be equally as moving.

You can read love letters to the Yuba here.

The Inspiration Behind the Project

This project was inspired by the short film, Dear Mother Nature, featured in the 2021 Wild & Scenic Film Festival. In the film, Pattie Gonia visits the island of Oahu to find the beaches filled with micro-trash. This moves Pattie to solicit letters from fans expressing why they love the earth on which they live and to reflect on how they might alter their actions to protect it.

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