Raft with SYRCL to Experience Wild Chinook Salmon in Our Own Backyard

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Featured - group of boats on lower Yuba salmon tourKnow & Go:

What: SYRCL Salmon Tours
When: October 31st and November 7th
Where: Lower Yuba River below Parks Bar
Who: South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL)
Cost: Rafting Tours: $75 for the general public, $65 for SYRCL members, $50 for kids
Details: https://yubariver.org/salmon-tours/


“Registration is now open for 2015 Salmon Tours! This is an unforgettable opportunity for you and your family to explore the lower Yuba River and to witness spawning salmon,” says SYRCL’s River Education Coordinator, Heather Kallevig. “Get outdoors, enjoy the rafts and the river while learning about the salmon life cycle and the impact humans have on these incredibly resilient fish.”

Join SYRCL River Science staff, trained local naturalists, and river guides from H20 Adventures for this educational and fun day.

You might get the opportunity to witness exuberant salmon jumping two feet out of the water, showing off their beautiful silvery coloration while many more dart around the rafts. You will be amazed by the spectacular journey of wild Chinook salmon having travelled over a hundred miles from the Pacific to their spawning grounds in the Yuba River. You will learn about the Yuba River ecosystem, see how mining has impacted the river, and SYRCL’s work to protect salmon, including a visit to SYRCL’s habitat restoration project at Hammon Bar.

The Salmon Raft Tours will take place on the main stem of the Yuba River from Parks Bar, just below the Highway 20 Bridge, to Sycamore Ranch Park. This run is about 5 miles long and the tour takes approximately six hours.

To sign up for a tour, please register online or contact Heather Kallevig, River Education Coordinator (530) 265-5961, ext. 218; heather@syrcl.org to learn more.

SYRCL would like to thank the Teichert Foundation for supporting our 2014 Salmon Tours season!


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