Purdon Road Bridge Painting and Rehabilitation Project

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RELEASE DATE: JUNE 7, 2013 – The County Public Works Department recently began work to rehabilitate the Purdon Road Bridge, located on the South Yuba River.  The project includes repair and replacement of some of the structural supports as well as cleaning and painting of the bridge.  Due to this construction activity, the bridge is initially scheduled for closure on Thursday, June 13th.

The 1st phase of construction includes repair of bridge structural members. This phase is expected to last approximately 3-4 weeks. During this phase the bridge will have limited pedestrian access to the public only during non construction hours.

The 2nd phase of construction will include a complete abrasive blasting and repainting to restore the bridge to its original black paint color. The bridge will be entirely enclosed with a PVC shrink wrap material to protect the Yuba River and surrounding environment, and a dust collector will collect airborne emissions within the containment system. As a result of these activities, the bridge will be closed to all traffic. This entire process is expected to take approximately 4-6 weeks.

The existing parking lot and on-road parking on the south side of the bridge will be unaffected by construction activity, and access to nearby beaches and recreational trails will be open to the public. Approximately 300 feet of Purdon Road north of the bridge will be closed to the public, but pedestrian access to the river via nearby trails will be maintained adjacent to the construction site. Parking along the north side of the bridge will be available north of the road closure.

For additional information, please contact Joshua Pack, Principle Civil Engineer at [email protected].

Department of Public Works, Engineering Division

Contact Person:  Joshua Pack, Principal Civil Engineer

Telephone: 530-265-7059 Email: [email protected]





(530) 265-1411  FAX (530) 265-9849  https://www.mynevadacounty.com

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