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Patagonia Employees Restore the Yuba Watershed

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Ori Chafe, SSI's Restoration Ecologist, welcomes Patagonia Employees

SYRCL partnered with Sierra Streams Institute (SSI) to host a day dedicated to restoration in the Yuba Watershed with 16 employees of the Patagonia Service Center in Reno, Nevada on May 16. Adele Rife, SYRCL’s Restoration Coordinator, worked with Ori Chafe, SSI’s Restoration Ecologist to organize the restoration day. The morning consisted of restoration work on Deer Creek at the confluence with Squirrel Creek. This restoration site is located on a rare floodplain meadow, which makes the land important to protect and restore. The group of volunteers pulled invasive Himalayan Blackberry, a noxious weed that chokes out the native vegetation. Dense blackberry thickets can block access of larger wildlife to water and other resources, as well as cause problems for people trying to enjoy parks and natural areas.

After 3 hours of hard work, the volunteers enjoyed a nice break at the South Yuba River Highway 49 Crossing with a few brave souls jumping in for a brisk cold swim! The group then hiked to Hoyt’s Crossing, the site of SYRCL’s ongoing Scotch Broom removal effort. Adele spoke about SYRCL’s three restoration goals:  invasive weed removal, restoring mountain meadows, and rehabilitating salmon habitat. Finally, the crew ended the day at Hoyt’s Crossing swimming hole.

Lunch at the South Yuba River at Hwy 49 Crossing

SYRCL and SSI would like to give an enormous thank you to Patagonia for their participation in Yuba River restoration efforts; everyone worked hard and had a great attitude. Not only does Patagonia provide opportunities for employees to participate in service projects like this one, but they are long-time supporters of SYRCL as a Wild & Scenic Film Festival National Partner. SYRCL would also like to thank SSI for partnering with us to make this day possible.

To learn more about SYRCL’s growing restoration program, please visit our restoration page. Also, join us at our upcoming educational event, Learn How You Can Help Save Our Aspens,” on June 18th at the SYRCL office from 6:30-8 pm to listen to David Burton, Director of the Aspen Delineation Project speak about the importance of Aspen groves. If getting your hands dirty sounds fun, then sign up for our upcoming Aspen Regeneration work in Loney Meadow, happening July 13th and 27th, and August 10th and 24rd where we’ll be removing small conifer trees to allow more sunlight for the Aspen groves.  Contact Adele Rife at adele@syrcl.org TODAY to help restore the Yuba River watershed.

Patagonia Employees gather after removing blackberry on Deer Creek
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