Not a Compromise: Centennial Spending Continues

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On October 9th, the NID Board passed a resolution that caps the District’s spending on Centennial Dam to $2 million for 2019. They later proclaimed this resolution a “compromise.” Did you know that NID had already planned to spend only $1.5 million next year? In subsequent years, NID already planned to spend $2 million a year on Centennial Dam until 2023. Check out the draft budget here.

This supposed “compromise” means NID will actually increase spending on Centennial Dam next year. That does not sound like a compromise. In fact, NID is considering purchasing another property for Centennial this Wednesday.

In addition, NID still has over $2 million remaining in their 2018 budget to spend on Centennial Dam before January.

Water Storage Alternatives: Groundwater 

Did you know that NID is part of a Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA)? This Wednesday, NID is presenting to the Board, Staff and the public about their involvement in the West Placer GSA, and what that means for NID customers and our community.  The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requires all GSA entities to work together to achieve sustainable groundwater management. Water storage is an important issue, and we want to ensure NID examines all viable alternatives.

For more information, please check out West Placer’s GSA website, Maven Notebook’s new Groundwater Exchange Portal, and Water Deeply’s recent article about the importance of Groundwater, interconnected surface water and the environment.

October 9th Special NID Board Meeting Press 

We also want to say a special thank you to all our local news outlets for producing thorough and fair media coverage of the Special NID Board meeting October 9th. If you want to re-live the event, check out the last 20 minutes of the meeting on NCTV’s Youtube channel. Below are a list of articles that specifically covered the meeting.

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