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NID’s Plan For Water Moves To Stage Six And Your Input Is Needed

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NID’s Plan for Water process will resume on December 13 after a brief meeting hiatus in the month of November. This December meeting may prove to be a critical juncture in the Plan for Water, as NID moves from Strategic Planning into Stage 6: Basis for Plan for Water – a vital component of the plan.

Stage 6 stakeholder involvement includes the following:

1. Provide input to Board on regarding reasonable planning horizon. 

2. Provide input to Board regarding outcome refinement and general PFW process. 

3. Provide input regarding public process for plan updates. 

4. Can plan be used to support other water planning or resource evaluation efforts? 

5. Provide input to Board regarding identification of facts versus assumptions for modelling efforts. 

6. Provide input regarding consultant selection.

NID’s community partners and allies are ready and willing to be of assistance in the planning process. As Plan for Water progresses, it will be essential that key stakeholders, experts, and community members are utilized to help inform the decision-making process, as we believe that the best policies are informed by science and data. SYRCL will continue to be an active participant in the Plan for Water Process and encourages the public to stay informed and engaged as well.

Join the Plan for Water Meeting either in person or virtually on December 13.

All Plan for Water Documents can be found here.

Details on how to join this meeting can be found here.

You can also write to NID with comments or questions at

Thank you for your continued support and vigilance on this vital issue. 

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