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On April 18th, SYRCL delivered its 5th annual State of the Yuba address. In celebration of Earth Day and the Yuba River, we invited the community to hear from our team about SYRCL’s current projects, challenges, recent successes, and opportunities to get involved. We honored our Volunteers of the Year, the Centennial Dam Working Group and Partner of the Year, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. 

If you missed the State of the Yuba, don’t worry! We recorded the whole evening so you can catch up on all that SYRCL is doing to protect the watershed. Watch it here!


Welcome to State of the Yuba

Executive Director, Melinda Booth and Board President, Joe Bell, welcome the community, SYRCL volunteers and members. SYRCL has been engaged in strong, smart and sophisticated science and advocacy for 35 years. Listen as we report on the amazing work that SYRCL does and learn about opportunities to join us.

Julie Pokrandt, Development Director, Thanks Members and Volunteers

At SYRCL, the development team is the witness of the waves of community support which our members and volunteers give everyday. Our supporters are indescribably critical for the watershed community and State of the Yuba is our expression of gratitude to you. Hear how your support impacts SYRCL’s work throughout the watershed.

Volunteer of the Year – Centennial Dam Working Group

On behalf of SYRCL’s Board of Directors, Shana Maziarz presents the volunteer of the year award to the Centennial Dam Working Group. This group formed because it was clear that the risk to cultural sites, recreation, habitat and our public finances was just too great. The breadth of their knowledge and the depth of their expertise is impressive. In concert with SYRCL and our partners, this is the team that will bring us beyond Centennial Dam and help us advocate for a sustainable water future. The Centennial Dam Working Group includes: Allan Eberhart, Annette Dunklin, Bob Center, Dianna Suarez, George Olive, Kurt Lorenz, Louise Jackson, Marin Lipowitz, Mikos Fabersunne, Otis Wollan, Peter Burns, Peter Van Zant, Shelly Covert, Stephanie Curin, Syd Brown and Traci Sheehan.

Partner of the Year: California Department of Fish & Wildlife

We are pleased to honor the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) as SYRCL’s Partner of the Year. CDFW has worked with SYRCL for many years on dam relicensing, meadow restoration and salmon restoration. Their commitment, on both an agency and staff level, to improving habitat conditions in the Yuba River watershed has allowed SYRCL to make great strides in implementing on-the-ground projects. The staff that we work with on a weekly, if not daily, basis continues to impress us and encourages us to keep pushing for a healthier watershed.

Partnerships & Watershed Restoration with Rachel Hutchinson, River Science Director

Listen as River Science Director, Rachel Hutchinson, talks about the importance of partnerships and how they have made the restoration project at Loney Meadow possible. Through a series of stories, Rachel offers updates on SYRCL’s work throughout the watershed from the headwaters to the lower Yuba.

The Yuba Effect: Melinda Booth, Executive Director

SYRCL’s Executive Director, Melinda Booth, talks about how her passion for environmental conservation has shaped her life and informs her work. Melinda provides updates on SYRCL’s diverse and encompassing work, including three efforts that represent what we are calling “The Yuba Effect.” The work we are doing locally has significance for the region, the state, and the nation. Learn about how our work stopping Centennial Dam impacts water policy issues statewide, how our affiliation with the international Waterkeeper Alliance helps foster state-wide and nation-wide coalitions, and how the Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour component furthers the environmental movement as a whole around the globe.

Thank you!

The community’s generous support of SYRCL over the past 35 years has allowed our organization to be a leader in the watershed, stay nimble to react to threats, as well as be an independent voice for the Yuba. Uniting the community to protect and restore a watershed is the work of generations, and SYRCL would not exist without the continued support of our members and donors.

To volunteer, join or renew your membership, please visit our membership page, or stop by the office at 313 Railroad Ave., #101 Nevada City, CA.

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