Lower Yuba River Symposium June 12

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An annual symposium on the conditions of the lower Yuba River, in support of salmon and steelhead populations, will be held in Sacramento on June 12th, 2013.  The symposium is produced by the River Management Team of the Yuba Accord.  SYRCL was a signatory to the Yuba Accord and SYRCL’s Science Director, Gary Reedy, is the lead for non-governmental organizations on the River Management Team.  SYRCL has consistently participated in the River Management Team since 2006, and thereby remains informed and influential in the monitoring and evaluation of lower Yuba River salmon populations and habitat conditions.   The symposium will consist of presentations about the Yuba Accord, the monitoring program and a recently released report evaluating conditions of the lower Yuba River.  This is a once-a-year opportunity for questions and answers regarding Yuba River salmon and steelhead. Get more information about the Yuba Accord and RMT, including a review draft of the report, at www.yubaaccordrmt.com.

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