June 21st: Support Your State Parks at the Capitol… & what you can do right now

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Next Tuesday, June 21st, join Californians from around the State at the Capitol for a chance to tell our leaders to save our state parks!

The California State Parks Foundation is hosting the Save our State Parks rally/expo/press conference on the Capitol steps, and we can help.  We are looking for SYRCL volunteers, members, and supporters to show up at the Capitol and rally to keep our parks open.

You see, both of the Yuba’s State parks – South Yuba River State park & Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park – are among the 70 parks slated for closure within the next 14 months.  These parks, and the people who protect them, need our help now, and the June 21st rally is one very important place where your help can have a real impact.

That day, not only will you have the chance to meet like-minded people hoping to re-ignite a love for parks, you will have the chance to educate your own representatives about the importance of our parks on our river.

If you are interested in attending the rally to support our parks, learn more about how to protect and restore our river, and help educate our leaders, please contact Miriam Limov, River People Coordinator, at miriam@syrcl.org.

And, what to do right now?  Right now, you can head over to the California State Parks Foundation petition site and send off a letter to your own representatives – and it just so happens that our representatives’ votes are particularly powerful right now.

Bridgeport covered bridge at South Yuba River State Park


Share with Your People

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