Jim Wofford

Honoring Jim Wofford, 1947 – 2023

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We at SYRCL were deeply saddened by the news that Jim Wofford passed away on September 18. Jim was an extraordinary volunteer who worked on conservation projects across the entire Yuba watershed – from field work and tree planting to water quality testing and greenhouse gas monitoring. A SYRCL member and volunteer since 1989, Jim was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” in 2011. He lived the life of a true citizen scientist and helped SYRCL advance its work in restoring our headwater meadows and the lower Yuba River.

Jim Wofford, Chris Friedel, Adele Rife, and Gary Palmer

From Gary Reedy, SYRCL’s former River Science Director: Jim was a River Monitor when I arrived in 2006 and was gracious to me as I oriented myself to the monitoring program.  When we started offering restoration project activities in 2007, Jim was the first to sign up.  He was happy to do trail work with the Bureau of Land Management, pioneer scotch broom removal sites, and do reconnaissance work at Loney Meadow.  When we started the Hammon Bar Riparian Enhancement Project, Jim was involved in each of the major volunteer roles for the project including the mapping of source material (for planting willow and cottonwood cuttings) in the goldfields, and the monitoring of the planting areas for survival.  He went beyond the typical role of volunteer, providing a resource of guidance and mentorship to SYRCL staff and contractors. 

From Steve Allen, SYRCL member and volunteer: Jim and I were River Monitors for SYRCL and SSI for years and enjoyed many adventures together. Our favorite sites were under the Tyler Foote Bridge and Kanaka Creek where it meets the middle fork. Jim was the complete naturalist, and patiently taught me how to complete our assignments. Jim was part of many projects along our rivers, including working with SYRCL on the restoration projects on the Lower Yuba River.

Aspens in Loney Meadows with Sarah Phillips and Jim Wofford

Thank you, Jim, for your dedication to SYRCL and many of our partners in the community.  You were a faithful Guardian of the Yuba and will be missed.

Much appreciation to Steve Allen & Gary Reedy for allowing us to share their kind tributes on Jim’s memorial page.

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