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It’s summer and more than 700,000 people are heading to the Yuba River to enjoy hidden coves, sparkling water and breathtaking views. Unfortunately, not all visitors treat the Yuba as the gem it is.

2016 Summer Appeal Photo with textIn addition to the hazards of glass and garbage left at the river, more visitors mean more cigarette butts and more illegal campfires.

With your financial support, SYRCL can confront these dangers. Your generous contribution will help one of SYRCL’s most critical summer programs – River Ambassadors.

SYRCL’s River Ambassadors are working at busy river crossings during the peak of fire season, incorporating fire safety into visitor outreach. They’re also providing boots on the ground to watch for wildfire hazards.

A devastating fire in the Yuba canyon endangers our community, threatens wildlife habitat and puts our water supply in peril. In this new age of catastrophic firestorms and year-round fire seasons, SYRCL is taking action to reduce wildfire danger in the Yuba watershed—but we need our members to support our effort. Please make a special gift today.

SYRCL understands that the health of rivers, forests, wildlife populations and human communities are interconnected. That’s why we’re partnering with the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies in Nevada, Yuba and Sierra counties. SYRCL will work from the headwaters to the canyon floors and up onto the ridgetops to reduce the risk of fire through forest thinning and fuel reduction programs. We’re doing this to protect people and the fish, frogs, owls, and other wildlife living in the watershed from devastating blazes.

Please join us as SYRCL takes on wildfire and other threats to the Yuba. Your generous donation will ensure our River Ambassadors are active the entire summer, and our new efforts to reduce wildfire fuel in the Yuba watershed get the critical support they deserve.

Thank you for standing with us to keep the Yuba River safe and healthy.

For the Yuba,

Caleb Dardick
Executive Director

P.S.: One of our longtime members recently said, “I view my donation to SYRCL as important as paying for my annual fire insurance policy. Knowing that SYRCL is on the river educating visitors about the dangers of wildfires helps me sleep better at night.” Please make a special gift today so SYRCL can keep our critical outreach programs going.

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