Hand Crafted One-Of-A-Kind Yuba River Map Raffle 

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This beautiful engraving of the South Yuba River could be yours!

SYRCL is selling raffle tickets for this hand-crafted river map — the 39 miles section of the South Yuba River that’s been designated as a California Wild & Scenic River system — meticulously carved and burned into a unique piece of South Yuba River driftwood. This exquisite work of nature art was created by Pete Brost, local craftsman, long-time SYRCL supporter, and Nevada County community member.

“I’ve always had a thing for driftwood and have been picking up pieces for years,” says Pete. “It’s their unique shape, grain, coloring, wear marks, etc…  wondering how long they’ve been in the water, where they may have started their journey downstream, and knowing there are no two pieces the same.  With a little sanding and cleanup, some can become beautiful pieces of art.  So many people from our community spend time at the river and create memories, what better way to commemorate those days, even years, full of happy times, than to engrave an actual model of the river, along with its trails, beaches, crossings, and landmarks, on a piece of the river’s own driftwood.  Just seems like a natural.  People can look at a driftwood map of the South Yuba hanging on their wall and wonder for themselves, as I do, how long that piece of wood may have been caught between rocks in a rapid getting polished smooth, or how long it floated in circles in some eddy, or how long it may have laid on a sandy beach in the hot canyon sun becoming bleached.”

Pete donated this much-cherished work because he wanted to help protect the Yuba from being “loved to death”. He recognized the importance of SYRCL and State Parks’ River Ambassador program and its positive messaging around leave no trace ethics and fire safety.

“I believe in much of what SYRCL does and stands for,” Pete continues. “When it comes to the South Yuba River, what I appreciate most is that they’re an organization that is action oriented.  When there are problems on the river, and there are many, they don’t ignore them, they don’t sit back and endlessly talk about them, they don’t point their finger at others to resolve them – they jump in with actions and do their best, within their capability and authority, to make the situation better.  My donation of river maps is my small way of contributing and letting SYRCL know I appreciate what they do.”

You can purchase a raffle ticket entry for $20 at any of our in-person tabling at local events this summer, or head on down to our offices at 313 Railroad Road in Nevada City during business hours and you can purchase one at our front desk. All proceeds from raffle ticket purchases will support the River Ambassador program.

The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 at SYRCL’s 25th Annual Cleanup Volunteer Appreciation Party

On a final note, when asked what his favorite spot on the Yuba is, Pete replied, “My favorite place on the river is the same as many other people’s favorite place.  It’s that spot where there’s peace and quiet, a clean sandy beach, possibly with a small swimming hole, a spot that hasn’t been trashed, and no one else around.  We’re all looking for it.  Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to find every year.”

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