Don’t Sacrifice the Bear River – Stop Centennial

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Centennial Dam would devastate the Bear River, yet it is being pitched as a project that adds ecosystem and recreational benefits. In fact, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is going before the California Water Commission (CWC) next week with this outrageous, misleading claim.

The South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) says Centennial Dam and Reservoir can’t improve what already exists – a publicly accessible, free-flowing river with world-class kayaking, fishing, hiking and swimming.

Please support our work to oppose this irresponsible project.

Help us tell the CWC and NID that projects that destroy cultural heritage sites, swimming and fishing holes, 2,200 acres of river canyon forests, and riparian and wetland ecosystems do not benefit the public.

Our goal over the next two months is to collect at least 1,000 signatures challenging NID’s Centennial Dam proposal to the CWC. We must educate state decision-makers that more public benefits would be lost through Centennial than created.

For more than a year, SYRCL and our Dam Watchdogs have questioned every step of Centennial’s movement through the environmental review process. We’ve filled NID meetings with Dam Watchdogs, submitted hundreds of comment letters, published letters to the editor, and protested the water rights application.

We’re staying vigilant and questioning every claim NID makes about Centennial – but your help is critical to what we do.

Right now, several dedicated donors have created a matching gift challenge, so your gift today to the Stop Centennial Dam Campaign will go twice as far.

And we’ll put your donation to work immediately to ensure the CWC and other state officials hear how burdensome and damaging Centennial would be for the community and the Bear River.

For the Yuba and Bear Rivers,
Melinda Booth
Executive Director

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