Your Dollars Honor Cleanup Volunteer Hours

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Hundreds of community members will come together in September to volunteer for SYRCL’s 25th Yuba River Cleanup. From September 10 – 17, our volunteers will be bagging broken glass, moving mattresses, collecting recyclables, and wrestling tires. Even the youngest of volunteers will be removing wrappers, bottle caps, plastic bits, and more.


Will you please match this incredible outpouring of effort by donating $25 or more in celebration of the 25th Cleanup? Your generous gift will provide the financial resources needed to organize a week-long Cleanup and support the volunteers who come forward to donate their time. 

Do you know somebody volunteering this year? Make a gift in their honor. Simply fill out the “Donation Dedication” line on our donation page. Be sure to let us know where we can send an email or card in the “Please notify the following person” line. A donation in somebody’s name is a great way to honor a birthday or anniversary, too.

With your generous gift, you can empower our community volunteers and help keep our watershed healthy and the people and wildlife it nurtures safe.

Share with Your People

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