Centennial Dam — It Must Be Stopped

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Centennial Dam is an irresponsible, financially-risky project. And we have to stop it.

This environmentally and culturally damaging 275-foot dam threatens the Bear River – which is treasured by countless people who fish, paddle, swim and celebrate Nisenan culture.

Will you give a generous donation to help the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) oppose this dangerous proposal that threatens people’s homes, history, public land and recreation? We have two donors who’ve created a challenge fund to match your donation. We’re up against a multi-million-dollar project, and we need your financial support to mount a full-court press, grassroots campaign.

In the 21st century, dams are the last alternative for smart water managers because they harm the environment and have skyrocketing costs.

With a price tag of $1 billion or more, Centennial Dam could be a financial burden and waste of resources for rate payers—most of whom live upstream of the project.

Thanks to membership support, SYRCL has recruited more than 1,600 community members to help us watchdog this project. Our “Dam Watchdogs” have been filling seats at the water agency’s meetings. They’ve packed public forums organized by the Army Corps of Engineers and submitted hundreds of letters during the public scoping process.

A special gift to our Stop Centennial Dam efforts will help us keep up the momentum – because there is so much more to do to stop this irresponsible dam.

The water agency championing Centennial has spent three years selling the dam as a “done deal” to the community, which is outrageous. They don’t get a free pass to fast-track this project without question, scrutiny or transparency. This is a community that fought to stop dams and won protections for the Yuba River, after all.

Help us tell the water agency that it’s time for them to innovate and seriously consider smarter alternatives to an expensive new dam.

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