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Cannabis Impact Survey

It has been almost two years since Nevada County legalized commercial cannabis cultivation, which has created important changes to where and how people cultivate cannabis. There are, however, an estimated 2,000 outdoor cannabis grows in the County that have not yet come into compliance. Unregulated dispersed agriculture across the watershed has the potential to negatively impact the forests, rivers, and communities through water diversions, water pollution, the poisoning of wildlife, litter, vegetation removal, and erosion. 

This is why SYRCL wants to hear from you! We are seeking feedback from residents from San Juan Ridge to Downieville to Grass Valley and Nevada City to learn more about the ways in which grows are impacting you and your area. We are also seeking input from cannabis cultivators regarding the licensing process so we can better understand what barriers exist to coming into compliance. 

The data collected will be used to help us in our efforts to promote watershed-friendly cannabis cultivation through education and outreach via our Growing Green program. It will also help to inform County initiatives as we promote watershed friendly cannabis together. 

SYRCL recognizes that sustainable cannabis is an essential part of the community and legacy culture in the watershed. Our goal since 2014 has been to inspire our community to engage in sustainable and ecologically sound cannabis cultivation in the Yuba watershed. We believe the best way to protect our watershed is by providing education to farmers about sustainable and environmentally friendly growing practices while working with county and state regulators as they frame the future of cannabis.  

For videos about watershed friendly cannabis cultivation featuring local farmers, click here

Cannabis Impact Survey

Cannabis Leaf, Image: Elsa Olofsson CBD Oracle, CC license 2.0

For upcoming cannabis events and resources:  

To hear local perspectives, watch this Roundtable Discussion with panelists:

Diana Gamzon, Executive Director, Nevada County Cannabis Alliance
Craig Griesbach, Director, Nevada County Cannabis Complianc 
John Foley, Owner, YellowDog Family Farm
Alecia Weisman, moderator, River Science Project Manager, South Yuba River Citizens League 


This roundtable discussion was originally recorded live Saturday, January 23, 2021, during the 19th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival. 

Description: After California legalized personal and commercial cannabis cultivation through Proposition 64 in 2017, Nevada County chose to be a leader in the Yuba River watershed by crafting and passing a local ordinance approved in 2019. Unfortunately, as of 2020, the County still has less than 100 farmers legally growing cannabis of an estimated 3,500. Then, like most of the state, Nevada County, the cannabis community, and the watershed were impacted by 2020 events – the COVID-19 pandemic, a local economic recession, and state wildfires. These impacts have highlighted the economic and social barriers to legalization. So where do we go from here? 

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