Environmentalist of the Year Scholarship

The Environmentalist of the Year Scholarship, administered by SYRCL, is offered annually to graduating high school seniors that have demonstrated a commitment to the environment. Each year we identify young river stewards and recognize their dedication. Since 2002, nineteen $4000 scholarships have been awarded to local students. Applications are accepted annually in January.

Scholarship Details:
Nevada Joint Union High School District scholarship applications are due to the District Scholarship Coordinator, Donna Nies, in January. Please find the Scholarship Application here: https://www.njuhsd.com/Academics/Scholarships/District-Scholarship-Packet/index.html. Please note, SYRCL’s scholarship is listed as a District Scholarship.

SYRCL’s ENVIRONMENTALIST OF THE YEAR SCHOLARSHIP: Minimum 3.5 G.P.A. In addition to your personal statement, please include a 1-page double-spaced essay with the following prompt: “How has living in the Yuba or Bear River Watershed influenced the future direction of your life? How do you wish to make a difference in the world based on your life in these watersheds?” SYRCL’s Environmentalist of the Year recipient will receive $1,000 per year for 4 years for tuition at an accredited college or university. Applicants must demonstrate community leadership, extra-curricular activity, environmental volunteerism, and interest in pursuing a degree related to the environment. Need is not a consideration in awarding this scholarship except when two or more applicants have equal qualifications. Preference will be given to students with a history of volunteering at SYRCL, but is not required to receive this award.

Questions? Contact:
Donna Nies
Nevada Joint Union High School
District Scholarship Coordinator
dnies@njuhsd.com | 530-273-4431 ext. 2044

Questions? Contact us!

Monique Streit
River Education Manager
(530) 265-5961 ext. 218

Environmentalist of the Year Scholarship Recipients

2020: Amelia Heinritz  |  2019: Jacob Crooks  |  2018: Anya Cooper-Hynell  |  2017: Junet Bedayn  |  2016: Delphine Giffith  |  2015: Evan DesJardins  |  2014:  Sean Anderson  |  2013:  Anna Weixelman  |  2012:  Luz Brown  |  2011:  Jade Won Golder  |  2010:  Anna Daggett  |  2009:  Hannah Limov  |  2008:  Anna Harris  |  2007:  April McGrath  |  2006:  Liana Campus  |  2005:  Nate Rosenbloom  |  2004:  Myfanwy Rowlands  |  2003:  Alexis Bloom  |  2002:  Joan Dudney