Long Bar Restoration Project Comment Period Extended to August 14

UPDATE: the comment period has been extended to August 14.

The Long Bar Restoration Project aims to restore roughly 50 acres of juvenile salmonid rearing habitat. Previous Lower Yuba River restoration projects have included community outreach meetings to engage with local stakeholders and the community more broadly. These meetings gave the people most likely to be impacted by a restoration project a chance to learn about the project, ask questions, and provide feedback. While that kind of in-person community meeting isn’t possible this year, SYRCL and everyone involved in the project still think it is important to reach out.

The Long Bar Restoration Project video introduces the restoration project occurring at Long Bar. First we hear from Melinda Booth, Executive Director and Aaron Zettler-Mann, River Restoration Project Manager, who provide context for the history of gold mining on the Lower Yuba River, why restoration actions are needed, and how this project is being supported. Avery Scherer at Cramer Fish Sciences who discusses project monitoring and why it’s so important to project success. She also talks about the permitting process. Finally, Sam Diaz the project engineer from cbec eco engineering discusses the planning and design of the project.

The comment period ends Friday, July 31, 2020.
Please submit comments to YubaRestorationProject@yubariver.org.


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