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SYRCL is excited to formally welcome our newest AmeriCorps to the team. Over the next year, they will gain experience working alongside SYRCL scientists, educators, and outreach professionals.  

We asked each AmeriCorps what they are most excited about doing during their time at SYRCL. You can find their answers below along with a short bio for each. 

Caitlin Edelmuth, Restoration Coordinator

Caitlin has spent her life all over the globe but is proud to have returned to her birth state of California and her generational home of the Sierras. While at Knox College pursuing a degree in Biology, she fully realized the importance of activism and restoration on behalf of the environment and is excited to be working with SYRCL and SNAP to protect and restore our world.

In her free time, she sits on the Board of Directors of her community center, hikes, knits, and researches fire ecology and indigenous foraging practices.

What are you most excited about doing at SYRCL?

I am excited to join SYRCL as the Restoration Coordinator to further our mission to unify the community to protect and restore the Yuba.  I’m also looking forward to educating myself and others about the flora, fauna, and water systems present in and around the Yuba.

Eloise Bellingham, River Monitoring Coordinator

Eloise grew up in the beautiful foothills of Colorado Springs, Colorado. She moved to Upstate New York for her undergraduate studies where she earned a B.S. in Geology and Global Studies.

What are you most excited about doing at SYRCL?

I am most excited to begin work in the field! I love being outdoors and a lot of my work at SYRCL will allow me to do that. I am also excited to begin working with volunteers. I enjoy learning new skills and being able to teach others those skills while sharing appreciation for the outdoors is incredibly fulfilling.

Jamie Fong, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Jamie’s reverence for the natural world is foundational to her passion for fostering others’ connection to and care for their local environments. While earning her B.S. in Park and Natural Resource Management, Jamie became inspired by nonprofit organizations that utilize civic engagement and education vehicles for promoting ecological sustainability and resiliency.

What are you most excited about doing at SYRCL?

I’m looking forward to engaging and collaborating with local youth in various capacities, such as facilitating the K-12 Wild & Scenic Film Festival School Program. Supporting a program that serves 2,500 students from our communities and neighboring counties will be a new and exciting experience for me. 

SYRCL is very excited to welcome these wonderful people to our team!

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