“Water for Gold” Film Screening on San Juan Ridge

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October 23 Movie Flyer
Artwork: Jennifer Rain Crosby

Local filmmakers show newly completed film about San Juan Ridge, Yuba watershed and proposed gold mine

When: Thursday, October 23, 7:00-9:30pm, doors open at 6:30pm

Where: North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center

Water for Gold, a locally produced film about the San Juan Ridge community and the Yuba watershed is finished! We are celebrating at the Schoolhouse with a screening and a live music concert.

SYRCL is proud to partner with SJRTA and the filmmakers, Tom and Debra Weistar, to proactively address this proposed gold mine. Committed to protecting the Yuba watershed through education and advocacy, SYRCL helps to mobilize the community into a better position to protect our local watershed.

Water for Gold tells the story of a community determined to protect its water, its resources, and its economy. In the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, lies the San Juan Ridge. Tucked away amongst towering pines, flanked by two forks of the renowned Yuba River, is a thriving community. There is also a remnant gold mine – a vestige of California’s mining era. A mine that, in the 1990’s, caused water to gush uncontrollably out of the aquifer – scouring creeks and dewatering wells; a mine that wreaked havoc on the community; a mine that is proposed to reopen. This is the story of what a community can do when they decide that enough is enough, and that they will not trade their water for gold.

Live music with singer-songwriter Bryan Cahall starts the evening. Bryan’s deft songwriting tells the stories of the working class and the oppressed, in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Utah Phillips.

Sol Henson, president of the San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association, Jenn Tamo River People Manager of SYRCL and Izzy Martin of The Sierra Fund will answer questions, and give an update on the current mine proposal process and the collaborative efforts of community groups.

Come celebrate the land, the water, the community. Admission by donation. For more information go to www.sjrtaxpayers.org or call 265-5490.


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  1. Kurt Lorenz says:

    Thanks Debra and Tom and Bryan. Lots of heart went into this.

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