River Ambassadors Make a Splash Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend marked the beginning of SYRCL’s 2015 River Ambassador season!

Thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers who joined us at Highway 49 and Bridgeport to speak with over 250 visitors about keeping the Yuba clean. We are looking forward to many more weekends of fun with this fabulous crew!

Do you want to join the River Ambassador team? SYRCL is seeking more volunteers to help with our summer of stewardship education. River Ambassador volunteers are at Bridgeport, 49, Purdon and Edwards Crossings each weekend through August speaking to visitors about keeping the Yuba healthy. The next volunteer training and orientation will be on Thursday, July 16 at 5pm at the SYRCL office. 

To see some more great photos from the weekend, check out SYRCL’s Facebook.

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