Member Spotlight: Mary Marlet

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Mary's favorite Yuba locale: “depends on the mood I’m in!”
Mary’s favorite Yuba locale: “depends on the mood I’m in!”

Meet Mary, featured as our latest Member Spotlight!

Growing up in Mendocino County, Mary loved living near the Eel River and was thrilled to have another river in her life when she moved to Nevada County and met the Yuba. She is a long time SYRCL member. In fact, her Membership ID number is 1! She was the very first person in our database.

Today, Mary participates in our monthly giving program- the Sustaining SYRCL Members. Her support each month helps SYRCL remain a powerful advocate for the Yuba.

Mary started with SYRCL in the early 1990s, attending the first auction and quickly becoming a member. For several years she volunteered in the kitchen at the auction, and was happy to have the honor of catering it one year. Last October, Mary went on one of SYRCL’s rafting trips on the Lower Yuba and saw the salmon spawning. Like many of us, her wish for the Yuba is that those salmon will be restored to their ancient spawning grounds.

When asked what her favorite Yuba activity is, she responded, “besides cleansing my soul in the water and basking on the rocks, I love to go later in the day with a little picnic, then sit on some boulder in the middle of the river and watch the sun go down. It is so incredibly peaceful.”

Thank you, Mary – from SYRCL and everyone who enjoys the Yuba!

Mary is proud to be a Sustaining SYRCL member. We invite you to join her and thousands of other amazing River People by becoming a member today. To find out more, contact Sari at or 530-265-5971 x212.

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