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Aspen Regeneration Excursion with a Service Project at Rucker Lake: Volunteers Needed!

August 3rd, 2012

Join us for a day-long excursion to beautiful Rucker Lake to learn about and help protect aspen trees!

Aspens are often outcompeted by conifers in the Sierra Nevada, due to extensive livestock grazing and the absence of regular fire. As a result, the health of aspen trees has deteriorated and estimates suggest their range in western North America has been reduced by as much as 96%. Aspen habitat, especially when associated with riparian vegetation, is the single most species-rich avian habitat in the Sierra Nevada.

The day will include a few hours of conifer removal, exploration of the area, an optional swim in Rucker Lake and presentations from Jessica Roberts, SYRCL’s Watershed Coordinator, and Kathy Van Zuuk, Tahoe National Forest botanist.

Mining Remediation Excursion to Malakoff Diggins and Humbug Creek

August 11th, 2012

Join SYRCL staff for a half-day excursion to learn about hydraulic mining at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park where you’ll see first-hand the detrimental effects of mining on the environment, and witness how local environmental groups, like Sierra Fund, are trying to monitor and remediate these effects.

Malakoff Diggins, only 20 miles from Nevada City, is the site of the world’s largest historic hydraulic mine.  Litigation against the mine in 1879 resulted in the historic “Sawyer Decision” and the country’s first environmental

law.  Malakoff Diggins is a spectacular site to visit, with its one- by two-mile pit carved by water cannons, the historic town of North Bloomfield, and tunnels engineered to drain the mine tailings (one travels 7,847 feet through bedrock!).

The Sierra Fund and California State Parks are currently partnering to assess the ongoing impacts of the mine as it drains into the South Yuba Watershed, in order to create a management plan that will protect water quality while preserving the park’s enormous cultural significance.  This tour will also include details on this multi-year project, and potential management strategies at the site.

This tour, presented by SYRCL’s Watershed Coordinator, will feature a visit to the pit and a hike on the Humbug trail.

Limited space available!

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