Action Alert: Tell Governor Newsom to Save Yuba Salmon

Wild salmon are in trouble. Drought, dams, degraded habitat, and water diversions are driving the West Coast’s most iconic fish closer to extinction. The Trump Administration has also threatened to undermine California’s ability to manage its own water, even though State and Federal agencies had worked in concert with the belief that wildlife protection, ecosystem restoration, and human and economic goals can coexist.

Please sign the letter below to Governor Gavin Newsom. It urges him to make salmon recovery a priority and to immediately support large-scale salmon habitat restoration projects on the Lower Yuba River.

Together, we can act now to save salmon. Salmon are counting on you, and so are we.


11 thoughts on “Action Alert: Tell Governor Newsom to Save Yuba Salmon

  1. Dear Governor Gavin Newsom, We need to save water for the salmon by not watering are lawn’s during rainy days and using dish washer’s instead of rising the dishes themselves and using water barrel’s to collect water for the salmon

  2. Dear governer Newsom please save the lower yuba river if we don’t the Chinhook salmon also known as the keystone species if we dont save the river they could go extictend other animal populations will decreas such as bears the plants that are their that relie on the dead salmon nutrents to live will also die we needto act before the keystone species disappers and the yuba river habbitat clapsuses.

  3. ok guzunor the salmon need help to live in these life because they wont to live for a long time so yo need to help them live here so help them live or a long time a lot of salmon are dead because these peopl are killing the salmon buy puting a huk in them so help them.

  4. i think that we should all should save water so that we save the salmon. saving more water means saving more salmon. Salmon provides us with food. if we are not saving water or the salmon we won’t have enough water or salmon to eat or drink.

  5. salmon are in trouble we need help saving them they are in the drought to can you please help them so we can have this very important fish that are need please help save them

    governor Gavin Newsom

  6. Hi my ideas ar use the garbage dissposil sparingly in staed compost vegetopoll food waste and save every time my second idea is don’t put food coloring in your toilet tank if it seeps into the bull without Flushing there’s a leak fix it it saves fun games wall lernig how to save water kayden sample

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