Water Conservation Education: Detective Drizzle Engages Kids to Investigate How they can Conserve Water

Conserving water takes a watershed!
Conserving water takes a watershed!

SYRCL’s River Education Program held its first 2014 Great Water Mystery school assembly last Wednesday at Grass Valley Charter School. In attendance was a group of smart and enthusiastic fourth and fifth graders who shared imaginative ways to conserve water at their homes and in the Yuba watershed. Detective Drizzle gave the group a run-down of how much usable fresh water there really is in the world and engaged the kids to pull together like a watershed and splash like a raindrop for water conservation during this drought year! Grass Valley Charter School teachers and students felt that Detective Drizzle “has the x-factor” and loved that the assembly used “mystery and humor to engage learners”.

SYRCL will be holding over 30 assemblies for ages K-6 over the next few months. Stay tuned for more updates from Detective Drizzle and expect to hear some water conservation advice from your children! Contact Andrew Collins-Anderson andrew@syrcl.org for more information about scheduling a water conservation assembly at your kid’s school!

We thank Nevada Irrigation District, The City of Grass Valley, and Placer County Water Agency for funding this exciting program. Tonight, The Nevada City Council will be voting to fund more assemblies in the Nevada City area!

Photo Credit: Alex Ezzel
Grass Valley Charter School 4th and 5th graders act out the water cycle! (Photo Credit: Alex Ezzel)



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