Save Our Bridge Campaign

Congratulations! You did it!


We can all take a minute to congratulate ourselves on this wonderful community wide effort to attain the funding necessary to restore and reopen this historic icon.  We can savor how, working together, we accomplished this important goal.

Thanks are due to a large number of people and organizations for their unwavering support during this stage of the campaign:

California State Park Foundation

South Yuba River Parks Association

Nevada County Board of Supervisors and especially District 4 Supervisor Hank Weston

Nevada City Council and especially Councilman Robert Bergman

Grass Valley City Council

Truckee Town Council

Bear Yuba Land Trust and especially Outreach Coordinator Laura Brown

All of the Nevada County and City Chambers of Commerce and especially our Chamber coordinator, Susan George

The Economic Resources Council

The Grass Valley Downtown Association

The Nevada County Historical Society

The Sierra Cinemas Theatres

Penn Valley Rodeo Association

SYRPA Webmasters, Steve Pauly and Mike Baca

Sandy Alves for great graphics work

Penn Valley Pony Express Printing – Bob Olsen

Carol Scofield – Our Speakers’ Bureau Consultant

…and so many more!



Now that we have funding in place, we will need to make sure that the project is identified and treated as a priority for the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  With a forecast “El Nino” winter ahead there is real urgency to make the necessary repairs and complete restoration work as soon as possible. The bridge, in its weakened condition, could sustain severe damage due to high river water, heavy rains and wind.

We, as a community, need to work closely with DPR to monitor the progress of the project and make sure the repairs and restoration work is completed in a timely manner.

5 Key Points to Help You Understand the Bridge Projects

  1. STABILIZATION: The current construction is to stabilize the bridge to protect it from further damage. This project is Phase I of the work necessary to Save Our Bridge. The expected completion date for this work is December 31, 2014. This project is fully funded in the 2014-2015 State Budget. The bridge WILL NOT be open to public access when this phase of work is complete.
  2. REPAIR AND RESTORATION: The next phase of work is the repair and restoration of the bridge; Phase II. This project is funded for $1.316 million and will take a number of years to complete. The bridge will remain closed until all work is completed. The Phase II project will begin this budget year (2014-2015) with preliminary design, engineering, planning and permitting work. It is expected that this part of the project will take about one year.
  3. The next step in the repair and restoration project (Phase II), after all of the permitting and historical guidelines are met, will be to finalize all of the architectural, engineering, and specification work.
  4. The next step in Phase II is to put the work out for bid to contractors who have the necessary experience and expertise to perform this type of work. Once the contractor is identified and a contract established, we will know for certain how much the project will cost.
  5. The final step will be the actual construction work and we do not know at this time what exactly this will entail. It is hoped that construction will be completed in the 2017-2018 budget year. The goal is to restore the bridge to as close to original condition as possible and have it safe so that our visitors can walk across this iconic piece of California history.


We need you to stay involved and informed. Check this website frequently for updates and respond to future “Action Alerts”, as we may need to communicate our positions on issues during the restoration process with State Representatives and DPR.

Donate to the Campaign – We still need funds to run the campaign. More importantly we are saving the bulk of donated funds to have the ability to contribute, at the end of the project, should there be any monetary shortfall to complete the restoration.

Letters of support for the Bridge:

Assembly member Brian Dahle and Senator Ted Gaines

Resolution from the Nevada County Board of Supervisors

Resolution from Nevada City, Grass Valley and Truckee


Major Press Coverage: 

State budget includes money to restore Bridgeport Covered Bridge, The Sacramento Bee, 6/27/14

Subcommittee supports full funding to restore Bridgeport covered bridge, The Union, 4/24/14

State funding for Bridgeport Bridge passes first budget hurdle, The Union, 3/24/14

Our View: Historic covered bridge could use your support,  Appeal Democrat, 3/11/14

Help save the Bridgeport bridge, now!, The Union, 3/5/14

Saving the Bridgeport covered bridge, one letter at a time, The Union, 3/4/14

Nevada County’s Bridgeport covered bridge awaits repair, Sacramento Bee, 1/19/14


For more information about the campaign, visit: