2020 Yuba River Cleanup Report Out

Thanks for participating in the 2020 Yuba River Cleanup! Submit the results from your assigned site below. Please do not duplicate entries for the same site or datacard.

2020 Cleanup Report Out

  • Trash Collected

    Enter the numbers of all items collected by your group during the cleanup. Enter a "0" if you did not collect a listed item.
  • Enter all other items collected in separate rows with the number of each item listed.
  • Tiny Trash

    Any trash collected less than 2.5 cm in diameter.
  • Trash Contest Entry

    Found a useful, historical, fashionable, or just plain unusual item during your cleanup? Submit your entry to the Trash Contest below!
  • Comments, Questions, Concerns

  • Please describe the items that have not yet been removed and their location.