Sales Associate, Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour

The Sales Associate leads and manages recruitment and growth for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour program. Now in its 11th year, WSFF On Tour provides a turn-key fundraiser, membership drive, and awareness-building event to other organizations offering a selection of films from SYRCL’s annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival held in Nevada City and Grass Valley CA each January.  The On Tour program is a major source of funding for SYRCL’s river conservation work. SYRCL seeks a Sales Associate with proven experience to sell this growing program and expand its reach. This individual must take initiative, enjoy the challenge of sales, have graphic design experience, be passionate for the environment, work hard, enjoy a fast-paced work day and like working as part of a team. DETAILS

River Captain (Part-time, temporary, May-September 2017)
SYRCL is seeking to hire three part-time River Captains who are enthusiastic and passionate about the Yuba River and its health. The River Ambassador program runs 15 weekends between May 27th and September 4th, with mandatory trainings for Captains in May and July. River Captains work 3 to 4 weekends per month, on a rotating basis and will spend Saturdays and Sundays at the river with River Ambassador volunteers educating visitors about best stewardship and fire-safety practices. DETAILS
Educational Assembly Presenter (Short-term 3-6 month, contract position)
SYRCL’s River Education Program seeks 1-2 dynamic presenters to act as “Detective Drizzle” in our Great Water Mystery assemblies.  Each presenter will be responsible for approximately 30 school assemblies in the Spring and Fall of 2017. SYRCL office staff will schedule the presentations and handle all pre-assembly logistics. The performer will NOT be responsible for these details. DETAILS


Each year more than 1,500 volunteers help restore mountain meadows, monitor the health of the river, advocate for a clean Yuba and inspire activism with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Together we extend a powerful coalition from the summit to the sea. DETAILS


Please check back soon for internship opportunities.

Photo by John Daly
Photo by John Daly