Great Water Mystery Assembly Program

SYRCL’s River Education Program re-launched “The Great Water Mystery” in 2014, and the program continued to grow.  The Great Water Mystery is an interactive in-school assembly program that uses an engaging mystery story to teach children about water conservation. The goal of “The Great Water Mystery” assemblies is to encourage kids and their families to incorporate simple water conservation techniques into their daily lives.

SYRCL offers this assembly program to schools in the region and comes at a crucial time for water conservation.  This program actively engages students in water conservation lessons and activities.

“The Great Water Mystery” teaches California and National Science Content Standards, making it a useful tool for teachers by aligning with curriculum requirements. The presentation is adapted for each grade level.  The “mystery story” teaches age-appropriate science concepts for kindergarten through eighth grade while delivering a powerful message about water conservation.

The presentation stars “Detective Drizzle” and uses hilarious audience participation, dramatic slides, exciting demonstrations and fun stories to keep students and teachers engaged while teaching them to understand the effects their actions have on our water supply.  

For teachers, parents, or school administrators interested in scheduling an assembly for their school, please contact Monique Streit, River Education Manager at (530) 265-5961 ext. 218 or

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Monique Streit
River Education Manager
(530) 265-5961 ext. 218