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Best Management Practices for Cannabis Cultivation

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Growing Green for the Yuba: How-To Videos

Smart Choices for Water Conservation

Build soil to retain and conserve water, reduce evaporation, and prevent runoff.

Soil Management for Healthy Plants & a Healthy Watershed

Create a sustainable soil system, with minimal use of soil and water for a greenhouse grow.

A Minimalist Approach to Healthy Soil

Create a diverse and sustainable soil system with compost and mulch; a minimalist approach.

Healthy Soil for Less: Making the Most of Your Site

Prevent overuse of water, reduce the need for excess nutrients, and protect your plants from pests while protecting your pocket book.

Looking Toward Compliance, Water Catchment for a Healthy Yuba

Cost-effective solutions for compliant rainwater harvest, usage, storage that can be easily implemented in your garden.

Simple Solutions for Water Conservation & Updates on Water Use Regulations

Easily accessible water system improvements. Plus: update on recent regulatory changes. 

Ecological Perspectives on Forest Management

Improve and maintain vegetation health through proper forest management for a sustainable grow.

Introduction & Updates on Regulation

BMPs for Watershed Health

Legal Panel with Q & A

Soil, Water & Nutrients Panel

Humboldt: A Case Study in Permitting