Centennial Dam Press Releases


Press Releases

NID Now Livestreaming Board of Directors Meetings: Major Victory for Citizens of the Nevada Irrigation District (10/24/207)

Show Up Tomorrow & Oppose CA Taxpayer Money for Centennial (8/8/2017)

Conservation Groups to Army Corps: “Centennial Dam Puts Too Much at Risk – Seek Alternatives” Foothills Water Network (4/12/2017)

SYRCL to Host Centennial Dam Watchdog Activist Summit, SYRCL (3/7/2017)

SYRCL, Tribal Leaders Denied Entry to Upcoming Regional Water Symposium, SYRCL (2/17/2017)

Notice of Intent to Prepare Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Centennial Reservoir Project, Nevada Irrigation District (2/10/2017)

Centennial Dam Price Tag $1 BillionFoothills Water Network (1/11/2017)

Conservation Groups Protest Water Rights for Centennial DamFoothills Water Network (10/25/2016)

Conservation Groups Question Need for Centennial Dam, Foothills Water Network (4/18/2016)