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TAKE ACTION NOW: Challenge Centennial Dam

Write to the Army Corps of Engineers, the Nevada Irrigation District and Congressman Doug LaMalfa, respectively, to: 1. Speak up for water, 2. Demand transparency, AND 3. Protect public lands. TAKE ACTION

8 Weeks of Wild & Scenic Films at the Nevada Theatre

Beginning March 26th, we’ve got your Sunday night plans covered for the next 8 weeks! Wild & Scenic is partnering with the Nevada Theatre Film Series to bring you 8 weeks of winners and highlights from 2017’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Learn more…

Yuba Salmon Numbers Drop Again

Less than 4,000 salmon spawned in the Yuba River in 2016 according to a Monitoring Update from the Yuba Accord River Management Team. Such low numbers have not been seen since the California Salmon Stock Collapse of 2007 and 2008. More…

Take the Scotch Broom Challenge

Do the rains have you itching to get outside and get your hands dirty?
Kick that cabin-fever to the curb and join SYRCL for our annual Scotch Broom Challenge! More…

Let’s Fill the Room Today at 4:30!

Join SYRCL’s Dam Watchdog team today in Grass Valley at the Army Corps of Engineers’s (USACE) public scoping meeting for the Centennial Dam project. This is your chance to show the USACE and Nevada Irrigation District (NID) that concerned citizens are indeed watchdogging the environmental review process of this controversial project. Read more >>

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