Virtual Yuba Salmon Adventures

Virtual Yuba Salmon Adventures has been updated with new pre, during, and post activities. Download your copy today and have your students embark on a journey to learn about the Yuba River and Chinook Salmon.

Salmon Expeditions have gone virtual! Join us on seven virtual adventures, each individually designed for K-6th grade students (or the whole family) to explore a different ecological, cultural, or historical aspect of the fall Chinook salmon run, right in the backyard of the lower Yuba River.

These 8-15 minute video episodes come as an educational unit package, which includes: a resource guide, pre-assessments, pre-episode activities, during episode activities, post-activities, and post-assessments. All activities are designed for easy environmental science learning at home. All your student needs are paper, their writing utensil, a device to watch it on, and their curiosity! There are also English & Spanish Subtitled Versions of Each Episode!

These videos and corresponding educational materials are designed to support environmental science and social studies learning. While they are specifically targeted at 4th grade Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), they can be adapted to align with 3rd-6th grade NGSS as well. 

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Episode 1: Salmon as a Keystone Species

Discover the unique ecosystem of the lower Yuba River; the ancestral spawning habitat of Chinook salmon. Learn why conserving salmon habitat is so important.

Episode 2: The Gold Rush & Indigenous Communities

Image/Artist Credit: Jenny Hale

To help create a shared vision for how to rebalance our relationship to the lower Yuba River, we learn about the original conservationists, the Nisenan.

Episode 3: The Story of the Yuba Salmon Journey

Join us as we learn about the incredible Chinook journey, and all the obstacles and challenges they face as they make their way from the Yuba to the Pacific, and back again!

Episode 4: Benthic Macroinvertebrate (BMI) Investigation!

Time to put on those River Scientist hats and learn how to do your own water quality monitoring.

Episode 5: The Importance of Lower Yuba Restoration

Learn about how SYRCL is restoring Chinook salmon habitat, and how you can get involved!

Episode 6: Let’s Take Action to Protect the Yuba!

Find out what you can do to protect YOUR Yuba River!

Episode 7: The 2020 Fall Chinook Run!

Witness the fall 2020 Chinook Salmon Run, in our beloved lower Yuba River! 

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