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We at SYRCL care deeply about the education of the youth in our community. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SYRCL’s River Education Programming is working to create opportunities for parents, educators and youth to still tap into learning, surrounding, cherishing, and cultivating excitement for Yuba Watershed.

SYRCL provides education that aims to create life-long stewards of the Yuba River watershed. We do this through programs and curriculum that incorporate lessons about watershed health, Yuba salmon, climate change, water conservation, outdoor experiential learning, and scientific monitoring to students of all levels. We strive to empower, engage, and collaborate with local youth and learning communities, and create linkages between the River Education program and other areas of SYRCL’s work.

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This educational and fun day includes learning about the Yuba River ecosystem, how mining has impacted the river, SYRCLs work to protect salmon, and viewing one of SYRCL’s major restoration projects at Hammon Bar.

Week-long summer science programs for local high school students to learn about meadow ecosystems and assess montane meadow health.

SYRCL’s WSFF school programs present film programming for students from our local community and neighboring counties. 

This scholarship, administered by SYRCL, is offered annually to graduating high school seniors that have demonstrated a commitment to the environment.

Check out SYRCL’s Internship & Senior Project Opportunities in River Education, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival or River Science!

cleanup-photosSchools can participate in our annual Yuba River Cleanup to help maintain the Yuba’s beauty. Turn this event into a school fundraiser by participating in the Clean-a-thon. 

Salmon Expeditions have gone virtual! Join us on seven virtual adventures, each individually designed for K-6th grade students (or the whole family) to explore a different ecological, cultural, or historical aspect of the fall Chinook salmon run, right in the backyard of the lower Yuba River.

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