RiversLab — March 23, 2023

Time: to
Location: SYRCL Office 313 Railroad Ave #101 Nevada City, CA 95959

Please join us on March 23rd at 1:00 pm for our second RiversLab of 2023.

RiversLab is a program intended to help facilitate scientific article comprehension and educational accessibility for all members of our community.

This month we are reading “Operational resilience in western US frequent-fire forests” by Malcolm P. North et al.

This paper is on creating resilience in Sierra Nevada forests and how the overall health of our forests has suffered due to fire suppression. It provides management suggestions based on historical stand density data. The main summary of the paper is that current Sierra Nevada forests are much denser than what was they were pre-fire suppression. The denser forests have exacerbated ecosystem stressors such as drought, fire, and bark beetles.

The format of the event itself will be an interactive presentation starting with a quick introduction, a quiz game to introduce the concepts, an overview of the data, figures, and main conclusions, ending with a discussion of the implications of the paper, critiques, and overall response to the information.

The goal is to have a conversation as a group on the topic and enhance each other’s understanding with discussion.

For more information, contact Summer Driscoll, AmeriCorps Restoration Coordinator, at restoration@yubariver.org or 530.265.5961 ext 208

We look forward to seeing you there.