Science You Can Use 2023 Spring Webinars

Starts February 10, 2023 then every Friday until March 29, 2023
Location: Zoom Webinars

The Rocky Mountain Research Station is hosting several Science You Can Use webinars

DNA Applications for Management – A focus on terrestrial systems 2/8/2023

Riparian Forest Restoration: A consensus-based guide for land managers 2/15/2023

Drone-based monitoring of dry conifer forest structure from tree to stand scales 2/22/2023

Diversity, equity, and inclusion and engagement in outdoor recreation – a way forward 3/1/2023

Will they survive? Management solutions to increase the resilience of high-elevation 5-needle pine forests to climate change, pests, and pathogens 3/8/2023

Assessing wildfire risk and mitigation opportunities in the sagebrush biome 3/22/2023

Innovations for biodiversity monitoring in the southwestern U.S. 3/29/2023

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