Lower Long Bar Planting Event – December 10th

Time: to
Location: Lower Long Bar

SYRCL would love to reach out to all our fellow river lovers with an amazing opportunity to help complete the final phase of our Lower Long Bar restoration project.

Lower Long Bar has come a long way creating 42 acres of juvenile salmonid habitat on the lower Yuba River. One of the last steps for this project is planting native riparian vegetation. The riparian vegetation will help provide high water refugia and jumpstart the natural food production so our rearing salmon have plenty of food to eat while the grow in the newly restored habitat.

SYRCL will be taking 20 volunteers, along with SYRCL staff, to do a willow planting event this Saturday Dec 10th from 10am-3pm, rain or shine

Lower Long Bar is primarily gravel and loose cobble, so if you want to volunteer, make sure you are comfortable with walking on such a surface for around 2 miles.

Please email Summer at restoration@yubariver.org if you are interested with your name, and the names and email addresses of any other members of your party.