Central Sierra Western Slope Aspen Workshop

Location: Sierra Nevada Field Campus, Bassetts, CA

I am excited to announce on September 7-8th there will be a Central Sierra Western Slope Aspen Workshop in the North Yuba. This is a fantastic opportunity to have aspen experts visit the North Yuba landscape and provide updates on aspen research, restoration techniques, and showcase the North Yuba Project through a restoration lens. Aspen stands on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada are unique in comparison to aspen locations in the intermountain west, or even on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, and therefore having a specialized workshop is needed to understand the particular management techniques for restoration in this location. Aspen can act as fuel breaks through their water sequestration and provide habitat for flora and fauna present in the watershed. The South Yuba River Citizen’s League is working directly with the Forest Service on planning this workshop and will be contracting experts from the Western Aspen Alliance to provide their expertise on aspen ecology. The event will be held at the San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field campus in the North Yuba. The workshop will include both classroom learning of recent research on aspen ecology, and will have a field tour component, on which the preliminary aspen restoration sites from the North Yuba Project will be showcased.

Save the Date for the Workshop: https://yubariver.salsalabs.org/2023SAVETHEDATECentralSierraWesternSlopeAspenWorkshop/index.html, please fill out the form if you are interested in the event. You are welcome to forward this invite to colleagues and others interested in learning more about aspen restoration.