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This 4th of July Weekend Stay Safe at the Yuba River

As summer temperatures rise so do the number of visitors to the South Yuba River. As a result, safety officials are dealing with crowded parking lots, unsafe and illegal parking, litter, and an increase in accidents. This 4th of July weekend, SYRCL asks Yuba visitors to help keep families, the river, and our river community protected by following safety and parking guidelines. Details

The Yuba’s Most Famous Fish: Chinook Salmon

Tyler Goodearly, SYRCL’s fish biologist, is a seemingly endless source of information about our favorite native fish. He’s offered to share fun fish facts about some of those fish who inhabit the beautiful waters of the Yuba, starting with one of our favorites. Details

Identifying Algae in the Yuba River

As temperatures rise and you begin to explore your favorite summer swimming holes, you are bound to see algae floating in the water or attached to nearby rocks. Algae are typically indicators of environmental change, whether it be in the water, on land, or in the air. However, before you assume the worst, it is important to note that not all algae are bad! Details

A New Beginning for NID

Well, it’s been a rough few years. Challenging a massive infrastructure project backed by an agency essential to life in Nevada County wasn’t easy. As NID pushed the Centennial Dam project forward starting in 2014, SYRCL, supported by hundreds of Dam Watchdogs like you, stood up for the integrity of our community and formally opposed the dam. Details

Wild & Scenic Foody Films Night Now July 9th

A selection of Wild & Scenic Film Festival’s past food-themed films will be featured in a Live Virtual Event on the evening of Thursday, July 9th. Details

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