Volunteers Needed for Water Audit Program Beginning February 1st

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waterauditDo you love working with kids in education?  Are you passionate about water conservation?  Do you have a flexible schedule during the day?  Water Audits are a great volunteer opportunity that allow you to work with kids, helping to make a difference in the classroom and in your community!

SYRCL’s popular Water Audits program is returning this year, beginning February 1st!  This integrated curriculum leads students in an interactive exploration of the water cycle with Detective Drizzle’s mini-investigations.  It then gives students the opportunity to play an active role in how their school, home, and community uses and conserves water!  By conducting a water audit in their school, students explore where water is being used and where it could be conserved.  Meeting State standards in math, science, and language arts, this curriculum unit empowers students’ civic-mindedness and problem-solving.

Water Audits are an extension of the Great Water Mystery Assembly Program

This program is adaptable for students from 1st to 12th grade SYRCL volunteers serve as docents in the classroom, helping students and teachers with their explorations, math, and brainstorming.  Teachers can choose to complete the program in as little as three weeks and as many as nine weeks.  There are many great ways to incorporate water audits in teaching curriculum, whether pairing older groups with younger groups to complete the mini-investigations or using the programs an independent classroom study.

This program is free for schools, funded by the California Department of Water Resources through a partnership with Nevada Irrigation District and the El Dorado County Water Agency.  If you are interested in participating as a SYRCL volunteer in the 2016 session of Water Audits, contact SYRCL’s River Education Coordinator, Heather Kallevig at (530) 265-5961 x 218 or heather@syrcl.org.

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