Volunteer Spotlight: Betty Webb

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“Betty volunteers for our River Ambassador program. We all love her enthusiasm and smile. Her passion is inspiring—especially since she’s still saving the river at age 88!” – Courtney Hudson, Stewardship Coordinator

“Betty Webb is a remarkable member of the SYRCL family.  She volunteers as a River Ambassador during the summer, helps with Outreach and events year round, and also volunteers at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.  Her sweet spirit and bright smile light up any room.  We are so lucky to have her on the team!” –Jenn Tamo, Community Engagement Manager

betty_webbSYRCL: Tell us a bit about yourself and your love for rivers.

Betty:  I am 88 years old and love to volunteer whenever I am able. My fellow volunteers are wonderful and I love being with them! I also love that the Yuba is a wild river for a 39-mile stretch.

SYRCL: What motivated you to take the time to be a part of SYRCL?

Betty: I like what SYRCL is doing and how they’re doing it. They are saving a recreation place for many people to use, and teaching them how to take care of it.

SYRCL: What is your favorite river activity and favorite river spot?

Betty: I like to go wherever I can get to easily. My friends have a house with a beach, I like to go there.

SYRCL: What would you say to someone about the importance and advantages of being  a SYRCL member?

Betty: The advantage is keeping the river clean and pure while working with some dedicated, wonderful people.

SYRCL: If you had one wish for the Yuba, what would it be?

Betty: To continue to keep dams off the river and to have the salmon return. That would be wonderful.

SYRCL: Anything else you’d like to add?

Betty: Lots of people love the Yuba River—so let’s work together to keep it clean.

Thanks to Betty for all she does for SYRCL and the Yuba!

Betty is a proud SYRCL member and volunteer. We invite you to join Betty and thousands of other amazing River People by becoming a member and/or volunteer today. To find out more about becoming a member, visit our membership page or contact Alena at [email protected] or 530-265-5961 ext. 220. We have many opportunities to volunteer, to find out more, visit our volunteer page or contact Jenn at [email protected] or 530-265-5961 ext. 201.

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