Seeds of Volunteer Community Survey

One of the biggest reasons volunteers say they enjoy participating in events, river activities, and more with SYRCL is that they get to connect with other people like them and contribute to meaningful projects.

We are currently looking for new ways to make volunteering even more purposeful, fun and satisfying for everyone who gives us the gift of their time 🎁

By filling out the survey below, you’ll give us great insights on how we can do exactly that.


  1. Amber Kendrick says:

    Interested in many different volunteer opportunities your company has available. Please feel free to call me at 925 565 5338

    1. Hey Amber! We’re thrilled to hear you’re interested in volunteering with SYRCL.

      Our big volunteer opportunity coming up is the River Ambassador Program – there’s a recent article explaining more about it here:

      And, one of the best ways to stay in the loop about opportunities is through our volunteer email list. Would you like us to add you to that list for future updates?

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