Landscapes that Work for Biodiversity and People – Jan. 30

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Rivers Lab, SYRCL’s book club for river geeks, returns on Thursday, January 30 with Landscapes that work for biodiversity and people.

Read up on the challenges and benefits related to conservation practices of working landscapes that include retaining biodiversity while meeting the needs of people. Then join us from noon – 1:00PM for a casual, lunchtime discussion where we can ask questions, learn from each other and enjoy great company.

During this session, we hope to:

  • Understand key terms and themes discussed
  • Understand graphics used to visualize ideas
  • Connect topics in the paper to our community via discussion
  • Have an engaging conversation while practicing critical thinking

Rivers Lab is a no pressure environment and a great way to learn more about the ecosystems surrounding us by reading relevant scientific literature. Encourage your friends to join – the more diversity of thought, the merrier!

More information here.

Landscapes that work for biodiversity and people (C. Kremen, A. M. Merenlender, Science, 19 Oct 2018)

AmeriCorps River Restoration Coordinator, Mary McDonnell, our Rivers Lab host this year, has this to say about her hopes for the group. “I am passionate about the environmental sciences. Unfortunately, scientific literature can be inaccessible due to technical language, complex theories, and pay walls. That is why I am very excited to be continuing the Rivers Lab program, in which we, the Rivers Lab community, can practice reading scientific articles in a non-academic setting to understand their meaning and significance.”

If you have any questions, would like to join the email list, or are interested in participating in one, some, or all of these meetings, please contact Mary McDonnell at: or 530.265.5961 ext. 216. Additionally, if there are particular areas of river science you are curious about or have a specific paper in mind, please email Mary as soon as possible. She will work to include topics that interest you in the coming months.

Share with Your People

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