Trivia Buffs Help Raise Funds for Student Scholarships: Quiz Night 2021 Wrap Up

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SYRCL’s annual scholarship fundraiser, Quiz Night, looked a little different this year, but we were still able to reunite to tackle brain-scratching trivia virtually. With your help, we raised funds for the Youth Environmentalist of the Year Scholarship and, as a result, can help more students like Delphine Griffith (our 2016 recipient), who we feature below.

Quiz Night 2021: At a Glance

Daniel Belshe and Quiz Mistress, Janet Cohen, led new and returning players through five rounds of rapid-fire trivia. Sixteen teams battled for first place. Returning teams included the 2019 Quiz Night champion team, “The Know Buddies”, who graciously sponsored the event along with California Solar Electric Company.

The reigning champions–The Know Buddies–were, however, upset this year by long-time Quiz Night participants and former champions Oenous Envy, who took away the evening’s crown. One of their team members was also given The Ringer award for being the individual with the most correct answers.

Youth Environmentalist of the Year Scholarship

Quiz Night proceeds support the Youth Environmentalist of the Year Scholarship. The $4,000 scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior to help them on their path to becoming an environmental steward. To date, SYRCL has awarded 19 scholarships to local college-bound graduates. 

Recently, we were able to catch up with 2016 awardee and former River Captain, Delphine Griffith, and she has been busy! With the help of the scholarship, Delphine was able to attend Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she studied Environmental Studies, Ecology, Food & Agriculture, and Music. Her knowledge of the environment expanded as she explored American Eels in the Hudson River, earthworm density in forests, and coral reefs and zooplankton in France.

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Delphine graduated in May 2020 and has since returned to her home state of California, armed with new knowledge. She joined AmeriCorps as a GrizzlyCorps Rural Climate Fellow at the McConnell Foundation in Redding, where she is focusing on regenerative agriculture and rotational grazing, carbon sequestration, and wildfire community resilience.

When reflecting on how SYRCL and the Youth Environmentalist of the Year Scholarship has affected her life, Delphine left us with these parting thoughts:

“Through all this, I continue to practice the values that the SYRCL community taught me growing up: to care for the land, water, and people with great passion and enthusiasm. Looking back, receiving the SYRCL Youth Environmentalist Award truly set the trajectory of my college experience and the life I am living now. I hope to continue working with the land, watersheds, good fire, forests, and communities, for many years to come.”

We are awed and amazed by the difference Delphine is making and are so happy we could support her through this scholarship.

Although Quiz Night may be over, your chance to help support the Youth Environmentalist of the Year scholarship is not . Young people hold the key to the future of the Yuba Watershed and our world. Donate today to help fund tomorrow’s environmentalists in their educational pursuits.

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